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Are you struggling with...

If so, this is may be too much to manage on your own.

Email me at cristina@cristinaculiolopeck.com or call me at for a free phone consultation or to get started:

(512) 632-9194

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I've helped many clients through these issues, and believe I can help you, too. Why wait another day?

Have abuse, trauma, or a serious medical condition, like cancer, caused you to be depressed, fearful, anxious or panicked? Trauma and illness impact your mood, sense of safety, ability to work, be an involved and caring parent, and to be present in your relationships and marriage. They can turn your life upside down and possibly push you to calm and numb yourself with alcohol or drugs. Know this--there's hope. I have successfully treated clients with the same challenges and would like to help you, too. I specialize in freeing people from chronic worry, fearfulness, depression, and trauma. None of us were born with therapy tools, like EMDR and DBT, to help ourselves. I am in training for both, and can help you move through this challenging time and into peace and a better quality of life.

I help individuals, 12 years and up, get through their fears, worries, traumas, and depression. I also help them with their relationships at home and work. Why suffer any longer? Call or email me today and let's get started!

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