• Argo Papi The Therapy Dog!

    Argo the wonder dog

    I'm proud to introduce you to Argo, the therapy dog. Argo is a four year old Labrador Retriever with the ability to provide deep insight and perspective in all situations.

    Argo is an integral part of our canine therapy program. He has only a few goals in his participation. He wants to chase the ball. He wants to bring the ball back. Then he would like to have the ball thrown again so that he can bring it back. Additional talents involve swimming, being petted and he absolutely loves to eat.

    There are several advantages in working with a canine to assist with therapy. Frequent medical research has proven time and again that interaction with animals has tremendous impact for the positive.

    Medical research has proven that there are major psychological and physical benefits to animal assisted therapy.

    Some of the physical benefits are:

    Lower blood pressure.

    Slower pulse rate.

    Significantly higher survival rate from heart attacks.

    Accelerated recovery rates from illness and surgery.

    Psychological benefits of animal assisted therapy:

    Decreased depression, anxiety and isolation.

    Increased sense of well being and confidence.

    Increased socialization and interaction with others.

    Promotes general calmness.

    Argo the wonder dog Argo the wonder dog Argo the wonder dog

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